Betty Crocker Landscape Awards

Every year, Scenic Hawaii holds the Betty Crocker Landscape Awards to acknowledge the people who make Hawaii a beautiful place. This year, PBR HAWAII was honored to receive three awards for the Allure Condominium, Kamehameha Schools Athletic Complex and the BIA New Hawaiian Home. In addition, PBR HAWAII assisted Malama Maunalua with the Kaiser High School Rain Garden which received an Award of Honor in the Community Gardens Category.

Allure Waikiki Receives Award of Honor – Professional Gardens Category
Located along Kalakaua Avenue, this 35-story condominium consists of 300 units right at the entry to Waikiki. This modern condo features three main garden areas at the ground level and a recreation deck on the 6th floor. PBR’s role as landscape architects was to develop these gardens into a tropical oasis to provide relief from the surrounding towering masses of buildings. These gardens provide much needed visual open space for those driving past the site as well as a relaxing environment for its residents. Additionally unique, these gardens are all designed to be open to the public.

Kamehameha Schools Kapalama Campus Physical Education and Athletic Center Receives Award of Honor – Professional Gardens Category
PBR HAWAII’s landscape design for the new Athletic Complex, named Koai‘a, is based on the school’s vision for creating a facility which is uniquely Hawaiian and preserves the tradition and heritage of the school, but is also sensitive to the environment. The landscape was designed to aesthetically blend with the existing land forms as well as soften the Athletic Complex and frame entrances to enhance the campus experience. To address the non-building sustainable design components, PBR HAWAII’s landscape architectural design included: 1) using native plant material such as Pohinahina, Kupukupu, and Laua‘e to help stabilize slopes; and 2) installing bio-filtration to prevent runoff debris from entering storm water drains.

BIA New Hawaiian Home Receives Award of Appreciation – Community Gardens Category
In 2011 the Building Industry Association (BIA), Hawaiian Electric Company and the Department of Business Economic Development & Tourism partnered to construct “The New Hawaiian Home.” The home was designed to educate developers, contractors and construction workers how to build using green techniques. PBR HAWAII not only provided the landscape architectural design for the home, on one day, its employees installed the lawn, native shrubs and other plants. The employees also built and planted an edible garden in the backyard of the home. It was one of many projects where PBR HAWAII has taken the lead in educating developers in sustainable landscape architecture, as well as providing volunteers for community work projects, such as a rain garden at Kaiser High School.


Malama Maunalua Receives Award of Honor – Community Gardens Category for Kaiser High School Rain Garden

Drainage problems at Kaiser High School in Hawaii presented the perfect opportunity for a community organization and a local landscape architecture firm to create a rain garden. Malama Maunalua teamed with PBR HAWAII to design a rain garden.

PBR HAWAII’s rain garden design required three key elements. First was creating a graded recessed area (maximum of 12” depth) around an existing, underutilized catch basin to redirect and collect storm water from the upper cafeteria parking lot. Excellent percolation tests of the soil around the catch basin reinforced that this was the right location. The design team also verified that there were no underground utilities in the areas to be graded. The second element was repairing and deepening a clogged trench drain under a nearby sidewalk to allow water from the upper parking lot to flow through the trench, and not on to the surrounding sidewalks. The third element was the inclusion of low maintenance, Native Hawaiian groundcover plants and shrubs to assist in absorbing and filtering the collected rainwater. The rain garden design and rainfall data calculations were all done by computer, allowing the electronic plans to be easily distributed via email for review and comment during the design process.

After securing funding and generous donations of material and supplies from local groups and organizations, dedicated volunteers broke ground on October 29, 2011. Malama Maunalua members, energetic teenagers from Kaiser High School and Niu Valley Intermediate School, staff from Songscapes (a local landscape contracting company), and others all joined forces to provide labor.

The intent is for the rain garden to serve as an educational tool with students collecting data on the growth of the native plants, monitoring the progress and health of the garden, and measuring storm water runoff.