Grace Wolff


Ms. Wolff holds a master’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning. Her motivation is to support and strengthen sustainability efforts in local planning that honor not only the environment but also the economic prosperity and social equity of communities through effective participatory processes and cross-sector collaboration. She brings experience in program evaluation, community-based planning practices, facilitating collaboration, mapping and spatial analysis and research.

As a graduate student, Ms. Wolff focused on community planning. Through her program, she was a part of a wide variety of projects. She assisted in the preparation of a community and land use assessment report for Hawai‘i Office of Planning for the proposed TOD station in Waipahu. She also helped design and implement processes to support traditional Hawaiian farming practices in urban spaces that restore environmental degradation and provide education to the local community of Kaʻōnohi.

During her studies, Ms. Wolff completed research for the SNAP-Ed Evaluation Team by 1) analyzing data on community food environments in Hawai‘i, 2) providing mapping services for the Department of Health,  3) presenting findings at Statewide conferences, and 4) co-authoring publications providing recommendations for improving the ability of farmers markets to serve low-income communities in Hawai‘i.

Prior to joining PBR HAWAII, Grace worked as a legislative aide for the Senator chairing the Committee on Water and Land. She also spent time living in Vietnam where she provided English classes to students from underserved communities.

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