Thomas Plaggemeier

Landscape Designer

At PBR HAWAII, Mr. Plaggemeier’s skills with the latest graphics [Adobe Creative Cloud], drafting [AutoCAD, LandF/X], virtual 3D modeling and rendering software are in constant demand and leveraging them in the service of PBR HAWAII’s clients. In the remaining time, he is involved in the rigorous design process where his thoughtful and bold thinking pushes the boundaries of what is possible within any client’s expressed needs, budget, and project’s scale.

Born and raised on the island of Long (aka Long Island, NY), Mr. Plaggemeier’s amassed knowledge of coastal plants (tropical to temperate, native and ornamental), marine ecosystems (especially corals/reefs), permaculture, climate change, and sea level rise result from his belief that landscape architects are the future of intelligent, sustainable design for humanity. They are also the reason he feels strongly drawn to Hawai‘i.

A graduate of the UCLA Extension Department of Landscape Architecture, Mr. Plaggemeier’s design, ‘Ae Kai, won the Alumni Association Award for its forward thinking and culturally sensitive redesign of the Waikīkī waterfront, beginning with the south shore, which showed how landscape architecture can protect Waikīkī’s infrastructure from the effects of global climate change driven sea level rise while still bolstering our tourist-driven economy.

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