Ty Shiramizu


Mr. Shiramizu has an invested interest and experience in nurturing and guiding Hawai‘i’s future through sustainable policies and practices. He believes that diligence and integrity in planning are crucial to proactively and positively influencing the communities of Hawai‘i.
As a Legislative Aide, Mr. Shiramizu gained experience with the legislative process which included researching, drafting and reviewing potential bills for legislation, as well as reviewing and familiarizing himself with active legislation. Attending Transit Oriented Development (TOD) and other planning meetings helped familiarize him with the goals and requirements of good planning, and he worked closely with stakeholders, constituents, and legislators and their staff to identify and address the various issues that Hawai‘i faces.
His position as Clean Transportation Intern with Blue Planet Foundation gave him experience with non-profit work, advocacy and storytelling, and furthered his knowledge of the local transportation field. His previous education in biology and economics puts him in a unique position to identify Hawai‘i’s important natural resources while understanding the implications of our economy at large.

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