21st Century Kalihi Initiative

The 21st Century Kalihi Initiative was instituted in August 2016 by Governor David Ige and the State Office of Planning (OP) to produce a vision concept that re-imagines the future of Kalihi in the event the O‘ahu Community Correctional Center (OCCC) is relocated or replaced. The purpose of this effort was to: 1) understand community needs, concerns, and desires for the site and surrounding area; 2) explore how the site’s redevelopment might transform surrounding social, physical, and economic conditions; and 3) articulate a vision informed and inspired by community aspirations that would serve as a catalyst for a preferred future for Kalihi in the 21st Century and other State-controlled properties in Kalihi. For this project PBR HAWAII prepared a vision report, synthesizing the ideas that emerged from a series of community meetings and several workshops with a Vision Committee comprised of area business leaders, community and social services, legislators, and landowners.

Project Details

Community Outreach Land Planning

Honolulu, O‘ahu