Allure Waikīkī

Located along Kalākaua Avenue, this 35-story condominium provides 300 units at the entry to Waikīkī.  This modern condo features three main garden areas at the ground level and a recreation deck on the 6th floor. PBR HAWAII’s role as landscape architect was to create a tropical oasis in each of these gardens to provide relief from surrounding towering masses of buildings. The oasis of gardens provide much needed visual open space for those driving past the property as well as a relaxing environment for its residents. Additionally unique, these gardens are all designed to be open to the public.

One of the main gardens on the ground floor located at the corner of Kalākaua Avenue and Ena Road has been designed to enhance the Waikīkī Special District guidelines by incorporating elements such as natural stone paving, water feature and landscape. A small water feature and accent fountain strategically placed for all to enjoy from the adjacent bus stop on Kalākaua Avenue.

Project Details

Landscape Architecture

Waikīkī, O‘ahu

2011 Scenic Hawai‘i Betty Crocker Landscape Awards, Award of Honor-Professional Gardens Category