County of Maui Service Center

PBR HAWAII provided landscape architectural design services for the County of Maui’s new office/service building in Kahului, which houses various Maui County Departments and supporting facilities. PBR HAWAII’s services included the preparation of landscape drawings for: conceptual design, schematic design, and design development. PBR HAWAII also prepared construction documentation and written specifications for the planting, hardscape, and irrigation designs.

PBR HAWAII’s landscape design draws inspiration from the Hawaiian cultural stories of the legendary hero, demigod, and trickster Māui, In the Kumulipo, the Hawaiian creation story, Māui was born to ‘Akalana and his wife Hinaakeahi. A thoughtful palette of Native Hawaiian plant materials and paving patterns supports the cultural story of Māui and the significance of this place designed to service the people of the community. Drought tolerant and climate adapted plant materials coupled with natural stone finishes add texture and visual interest while a drip irrigation system reduces excessive water use in the landscape.

Project Details

Landscape Architecture