East Kapolei High School – Site Selection Process and Existing Complex Area Facility Analysis

The Department of Education (DOE) contracted PBR HAWAII to analyze the opportunities for a new East Kapolei High School in the ‘Ewa district. To determine the need for a new high school facility PBR HAWAII, with the assistance of DOE, analyzed population and enrollment trends for the ‘Ewa district and the anticipated impacts on the existing schools. PBR HAWAII also analyzed available properties in the district that would be able to support DOE facility needs. Through meetings with DOE administrators in ‘Ewa, it was determined that Campbell High School: 1) has an immediate need to address its existing student population (which already exceeds design capacity); and 2) must also address projected student population growth in a new high school facility. As a result, DOE directed PBR HAWAII to conduct an analysis of existing school facilities on the James Campbell High School “super-block” to identify possible locations for new permanent classroom buildings. These studies resulted in room usage diagrams for each of the schools, and proposed facility modifications and development to support the existing and projected school populations.

Project Details

Land Planning

Kapolei, O‘ahu