Hawai‘i Island Plan

PBR HAWAII prepared the Hawai‘i Island Plan for the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands (DHHL). The purpose of this planning effort was to provide: 1) the DHHL with an evaluation of its land holdings on the Island of Hawai‘i, including the approximately 12,000 acres of lands newly acquired from the State, and 2) the planning basis for determining preferred land uses, and appropriate management, development, and dispositions, over time.

The planning process began with Baseline Studies providing: 1) an overview of the island of Hawai‘i including a summary for the current and anticipated socio-economic situation and the outlook for factors; 2) updated information and planning data on all Hawaiian Home Lands on the Big Island; and 3) collection of information on beneficiaries holding current homestead leases and on those who have filed application for homestead leases, with a special focus on determining the needs, desires, and capabilities of applicants on the Hawai‘i Island Pastoral and Agricultural Lot Wait Lists.

PBR HAWAII analyzed baseline information and summarized findings in a Preliminary Land Use Assessment Report. The assessment considered homesteading and management considerations. A special Water Resource Assessment provided water resource development options on a tract-by-tract or regional basis, as appropriate. Community meetings were conducted in various areas of the Big Island to allow Beneficiaries and others in the communities to comment and make recommendations on the Preliminary Assessment Report and the draft final Land Use Report.

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