Kahanu Garden Master Plan

PBR HAWAII prepared a master plan for the National Tropical Botanical Garden’s Kahanu Garden in Hāna, Maui. Kahanu Garden encompasses over 460 acres of the Honomā‘ele Ahupua‘a and is home to Hale o Pi‘ilani Heiau, the largest heiau in the State of Hawai‘i. It also includes NTBG’s world-renown Breadfruit Institute and one of the last remaining stretches of native Hala forests. NTBG initiated the process with community meetings and consultations with Native Hawaiian cultural experts, the Kahanu Family, and archaeologists. PBR HAWAII brought together the various pieces–the goals, vision, cultural guidelines–and worked with the staff to develop the master plan. Balancing cultural sensitivities, environmental restoration, scientific research, and public education, the master plan provides the blueprint for Kahanu Garden’s future development and outlines the appropriate cultural protocols to be followed with regards to Hale o Pi‘ilani Heiau. The master plan won the Environment/Preservation Award from the American Planning Association-Hawai‘i Chapter in 2005.

PBR HAWAII also created a series of interpretive signs, in both Hawaiian and English, including a distinctive entry sign, to educate visitors regarding the historical value of Kahanu Gardens. The Garden has the potential to become a world-class ethnobotanical garden located in a culturally significant place, demonstrating how plants are intimately connected to culture. The long-range master plan provides an example of how a sacred place can be protected and managed, integrating Native Hawaiian values and cultural guidelines with appropriate research and educational programs.

Project Details

Cultural Sustainability Planning Graphic Design Land Planning

Hāna, Maui


2009 American Society of Landscape Architects, Hawai‘i Chapter, Honor Award-Planning & Analysis

2005 American Planning Association, Hawai‘i Chapter, Environment and Preservation Award