Kapa‘a Elementary School Library

The State Department of Education (DOE) is proposing to build a new library facility on a portion of the campus of the existing Kapa‘a Elementary School on Kaua‘i. 

The proposed library will be one story and consist of approximately 7,390 gross square feet.  The new library will be sustainably designed and constructed to promote human and environmental health.  The new library will incorporate a mix of interior spaces to enhance learning opportunities for current and future elementary school students.  Interior spaces will include: reading and study areas, book storage areas, student conference areas, a computer lab, staff office space, restrooms, maintenance areas, and storage.  The new library will be connected to the existing school campus areas by a system of sidewalks and covered walkways.  Landscaping will be provided along the perimeter of the new building.

PBR HAWAII successfully completed a HRS Chapter 343 Final Environmental Assessment as a Finding of No Significant Impact in 2007 and was successful in securing the Use Permit in 2014. 

Project Details

Entitlements & Permitting Environmental Studies

Kapa‘a, Kaua‘i