Kukui‘ula Makai Cottages

The gardens of Parcel Y are designed/themed to reflect the rural character of the good ‘ole plantation days where life was uncomplicated and relaxed. It also incorporates a touch of the “tropical manicured” influence of the Po‘ipū resorts down the road.

There are essentially two major gardens within the Parcel Y’s green belt. The first “Mauka” garden, or upper most part of the park features an old water feature utilized by the plantation. These terracing ponds and water falls create a dynamic space for all to enjoy. The second garden is the “Makai” passive park which features an extensive open lawn, sprinkled with coco palms. This is the area where kids can run freely, families can enjoy a private picnic, or one can nap to the rustling leaves of a coconut palm. The open space and gardens of Parcel Y will become an extension of the indoors providing visual and physical opportunities to kick back and enjoy the outdoors with family and friends.

Project Details

Landscape Architecture

Koloa, Kaua‘i

2011 Betty Crocker Landscape Awards, Award of Honor – Professional Gardens Category