Kupu Green Job Training Center

PBR HAWAII provided planning services to Kupu, a nonprofit organization that provides training and leadership opportunities to Hawai‘i’s youth. Kupu transformed the Kewalo Basin “Net Shed Building” into the “Kupu Green Job Training Center” to provide better facilities for the youth in its programs. As part of its work with Kupu, PBR HAWAII prepared and processed an environmental assessment and assisted Kupu with other permitting needs.

Renovations to the Net Shed Building included: 1) enclosing the building with walls, windows, and doors; 2) interior changes to provide classrooms, gathering spaces, offices, improved restrooms, and a commercial kitchen; 3) improvements to the surrounding grounds including landscaping, a reduction in paved surfaces, and low impact development features such as a rain garden.

The renovations are critical in multiplying and expanding the impact of Kupu’s programs statewide while also creating synergistic opportunities for the community to use the Center.

Project Details

Entitlements & Permitting Environmental Studies

Honolulu, O‘ahu