Nakahili – A Workforce Family Agricultural Community

Brown Development LLC contracted PBR HAWAII to provide land use planning and project entitlement services for the and approximately 1,560-acre property in the South Kohala District of Hawai‘i near the intersection of Māmalahoa Highway with Waikoloa Road. As proposed Nakahili is a workforce family agricultural community that includes farm dwellings on agricultural lots and allows for agricultural operations. The plan also provides a small neighborhood agricultural community core, with uses such as an agricultural processing center, farmer’s market, and farm-to-table restaurant. Since a majority of the proposed dwelling units (more than 50%) will be affordable units, the project is proposed to be processed under Chapter 201H, Hawai‘i Revised Status. As part PBR HAWAII prepared Draft Environmental Assessment (EA), and will be preparing a Final EA and 201H application.

Project Details

Entitlements & Permitting Environmental Studies

South Kohala, Hawai‘i