O‘ahu Pedestrian Master Plan

As part of the City and County of Honolulu’s Complete Streets Program, the Department of Transportation Services and their consultant Fehr & Peers is developing the County’s first Pedestrian Plan.

The O‘ahu Pedestrian Plan is expected to be a long-term action plan to create vibrant, safe, and accessible streetscapes. Grounded in data, over 1,000 roadway miles will be evaluated for their pedestrian conditions. PBR HAWAII is assisting Fehr & Peers with ground-truthing roadway conditions.

PBR HAWAII is further supporting this effort with community engagement to assist DTS in gaining the best possible understanding of the issues roadway users face and to inform recommendations that reflect community needs and character. Community engagement deliverables include on-line surveys; web and social media materials; project fact sheets; and a community meeting.

Project Details

Community Outreach Graphic Design

Honolulu, O‘ahu