PBR HAWAII Lunar Calendar

For over 35 years, PBR HAWAII has been distributing lunar calendars for its clients and friends. Always colorful, the information on moon phases are welcomed by surfers, fishermen, those that practice Asian culture, those that practice Hawaiian planting, fishing and gathering, and those that observe human nature.

In 2010, in celebration of our 40th anniversary, the PBR HAWAII graphics department made a significant design change to the lunar calendar “posters”. Starting with kalo (taro), the poster backgrounds are based on photos of native Hawaiian and wa‘a (canoe) plants. Given kalo’s significance to Native Hawaiian culture, there was no doubt it would be featured in our first “plant-based” calendar. In 2011, our calendar showed the ulu (breadfruit), which was a staple associated in pre-contact Hawai‘i during famines. This plant was selected to reflect the difficult economic times many residents in Hawai‘i have been enduring. In 2012, our calendar was based on the ‘ohe (bamboo). The bamboo is a strong plant and was selected to reflect resiliency during this extended period of financial difficulties. The bamboo is common in Asia so it was also selected to show our concern for residents of Japan and the suffering they endured from the earthquakes and tsunami on March 13, 2011 and subsequent aftershocks and environmental hazards. In 2015, we commemorated Mālama Honua with a watercolor painting by our very own Russell Chung.

We plan to continue designing and distributing our moon phase calendars into the foreseeable future, and hopefully expand our recipients’ appreciation of native Hawaiian and wa‘a (canoe) plants and culture.

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