Transit-Oriented Development Educational Outreach

The City and County of Honolulu Department of Planning and Permitting (DPP) engaged the expertise of PBR HAWAII to assist with public education and outreach to proactively spread awareness of transit-oriented development (TOD) concepts such as creating walkable urban places around Honolulu’s planned rail stations.  DPP’s goals for this outreach effort included:  1) increasing the public’s general knowledge about TOD; and 2) broadening the population that was participating in the neighborhood TOD planning processes.

To raise public awareness of TOD PBR HAWAII worked with DPP to prepare a community outreach plan with clearly prioritized activities that were diverse and wide reaching but that could be executed as part of a coherent and consistent strategy. Elements of the plan included: 1) branding, including creating a logo and a tagline; 2) launching and managing a website; 3) creating a social media campaign; 4) producing videos and creating a YouTube channel; 5) assisting the City with organizing public events; 6) creating engaging and easy-to-read brochures; 7) supporting City efforts in conducting scientific surveys; 8) assisting with media outreach; and 9) conducting instant polling at public events.

Project Details

Graphic Design Land Planning

Island of O‘ahu

2014 American Planning Association, Hawai‘i Chapter, Best Practice Award

2015 American Society of Landscape Architects, Hawai‘i Chapter, Merit Award – Research & Communications