UA MAU KE EA – Community Educational Resources on the History of Hawai‘i

PBR HAWAII assisted in developing a collection of curriculum materials for the Pū‘ā Foundation. The materials available in this set, is a textbook written by David Keanu Sai, as well as a video produced by Kau‘i Sai Dudoit. UA MAU KE EA takes its audiences on a fascinating journey through the history of Hawai‘i, examining key events, which shaped the law and politics of Hawai‘i. Nearly three years in the making, and based on more than 20 years of research and investigation, UA MAU KE EA challenges the accuracy of previous events in the history of Hawai’i which have been, and continue to be taught in classrooms today. This book and DVD are being used at the University of Hawai‘i, Hawaiian Studies classes, and also being introduced to public school systems for high school classrooms.

PBR HAWAII was responsible for the design, layout and typesetting of an 80 page textbook. DVD packaging and various marketing items including banners, poster and ads were also produced by Kukini.

Project Details

Graphic Design

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