West Kaua‘i Community Plan

The County of Kauaʻi Planning Department completed the long-range community plan for the West Kauaʻi region to: 1) implement zoning and land use designations from the Kauaʻi General Plan; 2) define design criteria to guide and regulate future development while protecting valued physical and social characteristics; and 3) anticipate the potential impacts to the area due to sea level rise and climate change. The County Planning Department was the primary writer of the plan and contracted PBR HAWAII to: 1) develop materials for the public review process including flyers, newspaper ads and display boards; 2) review and recommend revisions to the text and organization of the plan document; 3) design and prepare a high-quality community plan document; and 4) incorporate the amendments approved by the Planning Commission and County Council.

Project Details

Graphic Design


2021 American Planning Association, Hawaiʻi Chapter, Outstanding Planning Award