Thomas S. Witten, FASLA

Chairman Emeritus

As Chairman Emeritus of PBR HAWAII, Mr. Witten oversees the successful completion of community and environmental planning projects. Involved in a diverse range of community and regional land planning projects from the preparation of strategic land management to community master plans, Mr. Witten has developed successful approaches and strategies for the management of land resources and planning for new communities.

A life-long resident of Hawai‘i with 43 years of experience in land planning and landscape architecture, Mr. Witten is intimately familiar with the planning and design issues affecting the future of the islands’ social, physical and environmental structure. With his educational background and professional experience, he offers a creative and sensitive approach to the full range of current design, community planning, and resource management issues.

Mr. Witten has been involved with the preparation of regional community plans, land management programs, and site specific development plans along with the related land use and permitting for various properties throughout the State of Hawai‘i. Familiar with all levels of Federal, State, and County regulatory processing and permit procedures and requirements related to land use planning and entitlements, Mr. Witten has served as an expert witness on land use and environmental planning issues for projects throughout the State of Hawai‘i.

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