A Contextual Approach to Land Planning

PBR HAWAII provides professional services in the fields of Regional, Community, Facilities, Campus and Urban Planning. In our planning process, we emphasize resource analysis, community relations, land use compatibility, government plans, policies and regulations, infrastructure support requirements, and a well-coordinated, multi-disciplined team approach to find creative solutions to complex problems that meet our client’s goals.

PBR HAWAII employs a contextual approach as part of its planning process. We study each new project to distinguish the existing problems and potential opportunities that may influence our clients’ goals. We conduct studies of topography, soils, vegetation, climate and surrounding land uses to understand the site’s environmental relationships. We employ outside specialists when necessary to support our efforts with expertise in a wide range of special fields such as: engineering, architecture, biology, hydrology, archaeology, marketing, economics, and demographics. From these studies, we are able to develop unique programs and approaches from which creative and practical solutions may be derived.

We believe that our finished products (whether a development plan or a specialized study) are sources of information, programs for correction, and estimates of future needs. Our plans are designed to reflect our clients’ goals, to coordinate actions, and to guide project implementation. But most importantly, our plans are intended to serve as a framework for decision making. Therefore, a close rapport is always maintained with our clients so that our finished products meet their needs and expectations.

Types of Projects

Community and Regional Planning
Campus Planning
Park and Recreation Planning
Resort Planning
Design Guidelines
GIS and Spatial Analysis
3-D Modeling, Renderings and View Analysis